Camping Moenbroen offers a lot of possibilities for different activities

Walks around the camp site

Walk 1

Map trip 1

Walk 2

Map trip 2

We have made two walks around the campsite, a short one and one which is a little longer. Ask in the reception for maps, you can borrow it for the walk and it comes with a small description of what you see in the way. The short walk tells about the story of the farm and the ferry and the long walk shows the nature and the fields by the campsite and the farm.


The playground

Our small playground can be found next to the reception/facility house. We have swings, a play house and a trampolin and a tree for climbing.

The playing field

Soccer field

The playing field can be found down by the old camping house


Beach volley

We put up a volleyball field in mid-June. It can be found down by the water in front of the farmhouse.



Table tennis and table football

In the ”Kajakhuset” down behind the old camping house, you find the table tennis and table football which can be used free of charge. Bats can be borrowed in the reception.


The jetty for swimming
The sauna

We have 2 bathing jetties, one with shallow water and one with deep water. Both jetties can be found on the old pier for the ferry. Of course it is also possible to swim from the coast but the water is very shallow so if ou want to swim, we recommend the jetties.


Der er flere bålpladser på pladsen

We have several fireplaces: one by the shelter, one on the beach and one by the small jetty for the kayaks. Firewood can be bought on site.


Sauna med brændeovn

We have a lovely wooden-heated sauna which you can rent. We heat it up a couple of days a week in the high season and on demand and then it can be rented by the hour. If you do not want to dip in the sea, a small pool filled with sea water is placed next to sauna.

Kayaks for rent

We have both single and double kayaks for rent. But it depends totally on the weather and your experience what is possible. We are well placed for trips in the area between Zealand and Møn and all the small islands near by – Bogø – Langø – Tærø and Nyord. And Stege Bugt is lovely on a summers day.

But we are app. 30 kilometers from Møns Klint and do not take the kayaks out there – and it is not possible to paddle out there unless you are a very skilled padler.

If you want to rent kayak(s) for more than one day, you have to show at least a EPP2 certificate.

Fishing and fishing guide

The waters around Møn is known for the excellent fishing. Pikes and perch thrive in the brackish water of Ulvsund, right by the campsite and garfish, herrings and sea trouts also pass by. You can fish from the old pier or under the “Mønsbroen” or you can walk along the water front or rent a dinghy.

If you want more inside knowledge, you can hire a local fishing guide – either for an hour or two or for the entire day. Just contact the reception and we will take care of the booking.

Dinghies can be hired in Stege by the company “Møn-bådene”. It takes app. 1 hour to sail from Stege to the campsite.

Bicycling on Møn

If you pass by on your bike trip, be it the Berlin – Copenhagen route or the Baltic bike route in Denmark or you own private bike route, we always have a place for a bike and a tent. We also have caranvans or cabins to rent and you can order both dinner and breakfast as long as you do it a couple of days ahead.

If you arrive in car and enjoy outdoor life and active holidays then bring your bike with you. There are several panoramic bike routes on Møn and South Zealand, maps and descriptions can be found here: And there are a lot of other interesting routes, just ask at the reception, then we will help you plan the trip.

We are a member of the BED+BIKE organisation and also belong to Southcoastofdenmark’s own biking group BIKE FRIENDS.

This means that we have the following services for bikers:

  • Access to drinking water
  • Access to a bicycle pump
  • Access to repair kits for tires
  • Free copies of Southcoastofdenmark’s map of hiking and biking tours
  • Access to toilets
  • Help to get to the nearest bicycle shop
  • Lots of advice on biking tours


The new, old hiking trail on Møn also passes Camping Mønbroen. We have offered our coast line as part of the trail, so now you walk along the water for a few kilometers.

We have maps and knowledge of the Camøno and provide advice regard the trail and transport of luggage if necessary.

Møn and Nyord Dark Sky Park and Community

The Dark Sky Park itself is on eastern Moen and Nyord, but we also have a lot less light pollution here at Camping Mønbroen than you have in the city. So it is definitely possible to experience the dark night sky here. But please remember that from mid-June to mid-August we have those looong summer nights that will make it more difficult to enjoy the darkness.

Ask in the reception where you can go to experince a quiet and undistubed view of the night sky.

Moen Unesco Biosphere Reserve

In June 2017 Møn and its surrounding islands was included in Unesco’s global network of Biosphere reserves.

Denmark’s first Biosphere reserve consists of 450 km2 and represents many different nature types both on land and in the water.

We have maps and information regarding several of the special areas and can help with routes or guides.


Not many do it, but the water front here at Camping Mønbroen can easily be used for windsurfing on the Ulfsund and among the small islands nearby.

Bring your own boat

It is possible to bring your own boat and we have room enough for a few guests at our small mooring.

Nature guide

If you want to discover the nature on Moen with an experienced guide, then contact biologist Susanne Rosenild. She arranges a lot of trips, both night and day. See more on