The history of the campsite

The campsite was established by Jens’ parents in 1962 on the area around the house that used to be the ferry house – “Færgehuset” in Danish.

To begin with, the campsite used the areas on the old pier and along the water between Færgehuset and the bridge, part of which is today the garden of the farm house. But due to a conservation of the historic entrenchment near the house, the campsite was moved to the areas where it is today.

In 2015 the campsite was renovated and at the same time the number of pitches was increased from 80 to 135 pitches. At the same time, the access road was changed, so that now you get to the campsite from the old Kostervej, some 200 meters to the south of the reception. This replaced the access through the farm yard.

Today, the old pier for the ferry is used for swimming and fishing but once ferries for Copenhagen, Lübeck or Kiel stopped here to load and unload goods and passengers. And of course the ferry to Kalvehave was running until the bridge opened in 1943.