Reception and farm shop

The reception / farmshop on Camping Mønbroen

In connection with the renovation of the campsite in 2015 we put up a new reception / facility building. The reception is also a small shop in which you can buy the majority of daily groceries, sweets, ice cream and soft drinks and beer. We also sell the meat from our Angus cows as burgers, sausages, steaks etc. We also sell some of the other specialties from Møn, e. g. Møn beer and Møn mead. You can order fresh bread, outside the high season only on Sundays, during the high season every day.

We also sell various cuts of our own meat – frozen.

All registration for arrivals and departures are handled here.

Opening hours:

During the high season from Monday 28 June to Sunday 8 August

Every day from 8:00 till 20:00

There are many possibilities for shopping in the vicinity of the campsite:

Free WiFi internet

Free wifi on (almost) all the campsite

WiFi internet is free and accessible on most of the area of the campsite.

Code will be given in the reception.


The kitchen

In the kitchen there are two sinks and three double hotplates with cooking hoods and a large refrigerator. There are also an oven and a microwave oven. The kitchen can be used for both cooking, eating and as a common room.

In the old camping house, down by the tent area, there is also a small kitchen with sinks, hotplates and oven and microwave oven.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchen by the facility building

Right outside the kitchen, a sink has put up. it has both hot and cold water and is ideel for washing up when the weather is fine.

The outdoor kitchen by the tent area

On the back of the old camping house, an outdoor kitchen has also made. Here there are gas stoves and a sink with cold water, but an electric kettle is ready for heating the water for coffee, tea or dish washing.

Toilet and shower

A family bathroom with shower and toilet

The facility building contains four mini family rooms with a toilet, a basin and a shower. There are also 3 separate toilets and a pissoir.

In the old camping house there are also toilets and showers which are easily reached when you camp on the tent area.

Handicap toilet and shower

Handicap bathroom

The handicap room has a shower, a toilet and a basin.


Baby bath in the handicap bathroom

in the handicap room, there is also a baby bath and a changing table for the small children.

The wash room

Washing room with washer and dryer

Right beside the kitchen we have a wash room with a washer and a dryer. To use the machines you need a paying card from the reception.

Bicycle workshop

We do not have a specific workshop for bikes. But if you ask in the reception we have tools, pumps and more to help repair the most basic things. If you need more than that, we will refer you to the bike shop Brobike, which is placed just on the other side of the bridge in Kalvehave.

If you need to recharge you battery for the bike, we can do that overnight at the reception.